Basics Scale Model Aircraft for all Ages

Scale Model Aircraft for all Ages


A model aircraft is a small sized aircraft that is unmanned. A scale model aircraft is a replica of the existing type of aircraft.

They may be flying or non-flying models. The aircraft may be a plane, helicopter, a glider, etc. As a hobby, building these models is fun.

1. Static Models

The non-flying models are also known as static models that are usually mass-produced and used by hobbyists. They are made with precise and accurate scale measurements. Such models are also kept on display in museums. They are used as kits by making injection-molded models of polystyrene. These models are available for commercial purposes in various sizes, ranging from ratios of 1:18 to ratio 1:250. These ratios are based on the full-scale of the aircraft.


Scale model aircrafts are usually made for assembling and painting, while some are used for commercial purposes. Those used for assembling and painting purposes are found in ratios of 1:144, 1: 72 and 1:50. They are also available in sizes of 1:32 and 1:24 scales. Models are also available for commercial purposes in ratios 1:400, 1:200, 1:600, 1:500, 1:72, 1:250, and 1:48 scale. These models are pre-assembled and are already painted. Models that are designed for research purposes are usually large models. Wind-tunnel models are made for testing purposes and to develop new designs.


Most airlines around the world make models of their airplanes for publicity. These scale model aircrafts are placed in airlines and are also made as desktop models and placed in airports or handed out to government offices. These help to promote the airline. They are also made in celebration of a new route or to celebrate an achievement made by these airplanes. They are also made to celebrate new milestones reached by the aircrafts.

2. Flying Models

The Flying models are made from polystyrene, bamboo, wood, Styrofoam, fiberglass, carbon fiber or cardstock. Fiberglass, plastic and carbon fiber is also used. The scale model aircrafts are made smaller in size or made to a full-scale design with fight properties.

Flight Control

The flight of these models can be controlled either by a control line, free-flight or radio-controlled. When the flight is controlled, the aircraft flies in circles around a center point through a control cable. The free flight models have no external control and are rubber powered or may not be powered at all. The radio-controlled model operates through signals sent from the transmitter. Previously the radio was used to control these models, but now flight controls are used to fly the aircraft. But recently these aircrafts can fly autonomously as well.

Building a scale model aircraft makes an enthusiastic hobby that is played by young children and adults. They are also gifted to others. By spending time usefully and creatively, young minds are more relaxed and channeled positively when doing such building work. It brings in the concentration of mind, patience to place each part together perfectly so that an exact replica can be built and getting the task completed.


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