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Building A Plastic Model Aircraft – Your Tool Kit


Many people are interested in knowing about the kind of tools that are required to build static or flying plastic model aircraft. I will share some basic information about what sort of tools you may require for model building.

Model aircrafts are generally made from light weight materials like plastic. Fortunately, you can find many good kits that include pre-cut pieces of a model aircraft. You only need to decide about the type and size of your model aircraft and can obtain a kit that suits your requirement. The model tool kits do not include common items. These kits include a set of instruction and a list of items that are required for model building.

Based on my experience, I can tell you that there are certain common items that you will not be able to do without. You must ensure that you have following basic tools before you start building a model aircraft:

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  • A cutting board or a mat
  • A pair of scissors for cutting tapes and decal papers
  • A set of sharp knives and cutters
  • A Masking tape
  • A handful of clamps and pegs to hold various pieces together
  • A few rubber bands
  • One or two tweezers to hold very small parts
  • A bottle of glue and thinner
  • Some cotton buds
  • A good set of paints
  • A good set of different sized brushes
  • A piece of cloth to clean various items
  • Some containers to store water and other liquids

An expert model builder may prefer to use advanced tools like mini drill and other hole making tools. But if you are a beginner in aircraft model building then you may not need advanced tools as of now.

It is important that you pay attention to the instructions included that come with the model kit. You must ensure that the size and weight of the pieces are correct otherwise you will face a lot of difficulty in balancing your aircraft. Remember! You can perfect your model building skills with practice.

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