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Plastic Model Airplane Building


Plastic model airplane building is a great hobby enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide.

Some builders enjoy working with their hands and creating something nice to display. Others find this hobby a great way to remember and share the glory of wars past and the machines used to fight those wars.

Still others find building models a great way to learn more about the details of the actual aircraft that are being modelled.

Model building of all kinds is a mix of art and science. The retailers of model airplane kits give a lot of attention to detail and exact scaling. Builders of models can often also tell you a lot about the science of the actual aircraft modelled.

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But make no mistake. Art is also a huge part of this hobby. No plastic model builder would ever slap a model together just to study it. All builders take great pride in their artwork at every stage of building. I would never glue haphazardly without regard to aesthetics. I always spent great care in applying putty and buffing to perfection.

And every model builder has always prided themselves on the artwork side of painting their models very carefully.

The hobby would not exist without both the science and the art aspects of modelling.

If you are a fellow modeller, please leave a comment and let us know what you most enjoy about your hobby.

If not, consider building your first model today. You will be richly rewarded for the experience. I promise you that.

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