Gliders are a sort of aircraft without a power plant. The model glider is often hand launched, and the most commonly used is the javelin type. Apart from this there are many other launching methods.

They are based on power winches, hand towing and towing with the help of a second powered aircraft. Since the gliders are not powered, it must sustain accordingly to the mercy of the wind. Gliders can be efficiently operated by remote control panels.

There are different types of gliders available. The two major variations being the single and multi place gliders. Some types are purposely used for training and sports. They are namely the ordinary Sailplane, powered glider, flying wings and the scale gliders. Most gliders are of the sail plane type.

The RC glider needs very little field equipment, and the loss would be only minimal in case of a crash. These gliders are very quick in the air.

Standard RC glider features:

Standard RC gliders should have a small electric motor fitted with a folding propeller. Then it should have a hand launch with the motor on it, you can fly the glider up to your desired height and switch off the engine completely for it to maneuver its self down again. You can also fly normally, as the air pushes back the propeller blades to reduce wind resistance.

Select RTF RC glider:

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Flying an RC glider, is a wonderful experience. You can select the glider among the versatile choices available. One of which is the standard RC glider with a small electric motor and folding propeller. Ready to fly remote control gliders are ideal to buy, because you just buy and install the radio gear batteries, then its GET SET GO!!!

Glider ARF Electric RC Sailplane:

The sailplane has a 71″ wingspan, 44″ length, 645 sq. in. total wing area, and has a 32 oz. flying weight. The airplane climbs well with a wing loading of about 7 oz. per sq. ft. You can fly for hours with the support of little thermal conditions. The sailplane is constructed with damage resistant molded foam, and its wings are removable and can be easily transported anywhere. You can very easily assemble this sailplane, within a short period of time.

Super Dimona Semi-Scale Electric RC Model Glider:

This glider has a 94-1/2″ wing span, and is 43″ long, it has 625 sq. in. wing area, and a 65 oz. flying weight. Winglets, wheel pants and fuses are all with gel coated fiberglass. The glider is preinstalled with pushrods, wing connecting spare tubes and landing gear mounts. The glider also has a steering nose gear which is powered with batteries. A short runway is enough to climb steeply.


Multiplex glider Electric RC sail plane around $89.00
RCM625 Super Dimona Semi-Scale Electric RC Model Glider around $189.00
Hangar 9 Aspire EP RTF glider around $263.95


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