Are you a beginner dreaming to fly an RC plane? Our selection of radio-controlled airplanes for beginners features some easy-to-fly and inexpensive airplanes that will help beginners and kids learn how to fly RC airplanes. The airplanes we suggest below are reliable, easy to handle and come with all the parts needed for a first flight. Not sure how to choose your favorite one, read the tips below, or our full guide for beginners.

RC Plane Buying Tips

An RC plane for beginners must possess some characteristics in order to help you to learn how to fly.
  • First, it should not be too expensive. There is no point in spending a fortune on an airplane that can be damaged. That's right! Learning to fly a model airplane is often accompanied by a few crashes.
  • Secondly, a beginner's plane must be relatively easy to fly. It has to be stable, slower, and lighter. That will make it easier to control in the air. The ease of use allows you to spend time on your piloting instead of getting lost in all sorts of settings reserved for advanced pilots. A beginner's plane should therefore have a remote control with the basic functions. No more, no less.
  • Finally, a beginner's airplane should tolerate some pilot errors so you will not end up frustrated. But it should also fly like a real airplane so you can grow as a pilot.