• October 24, 1944- the battle of Leyte Gulf in the Pacific. Lt. Carl Allen brown Jr. A member of vf-27 flying f6f-5 ‘paper doll’ From the USS price ton shot down 5 enemy ‘zekes’ Before evading a further 4 that were competing to shoot him down. His machine was damaged and he was Wounded but brown was able to land safely on the USS Essex after the Princeton was Sunk.
  • Scheme 1) gumman f6f-5 Hellcat ‘paper doll’ Aircraft flown by lt. Carl a. Brown Jr. Vf-27, USS Princeton October 1944. Scheme 2) GRUMMAN f6f-5 Hellcat vf-12 USS Randolph (cv-15) may 1945. Scheme 3) GRUMMAN Hellcat Mk II ‘operation sunfish’ No. 808 Naval air Squadron, fleet air arm, HMS khedive, East Indies, March-April 1945. Scheme 4) GRUMMAN f6f-5 Hellcat flotille, carrier arromanches (R95), l’aeronavaler, Indochina War 1953.
  • Skill level: 4 (expert). Dimensions of completed kit: length of fuselage 16. 7 in X width of wingspan 21. 4 in. Number of parts: 572.
  • Can be built with wings open, or folded. Includes full cockpit detail with open or closed canopy options. Detailed undercarriage, undercarriage bays and arrestor hook with options to build with wheels up or down. Can be built with closed or extended landing flaps.
  • Painting required: yes, paints need to be purchased separately. Humbrol paints needed are listed on the outside of the box.
Airfix Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat 1:24 WWII Military Aviation Plastic Model Kit A19004, Unpainted