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Scale-Model-Aircraft.com is an educational website, born out of the purest love for the aircraft that made history. This site is intended to be a tribute to the men that made the ancient and mythical dream of flying possible, to the technological miracles they built – the flying machines we all love and no less to those who flew them. Consequently, we believe the best way to celebrate their work and to keep it away from oblivion is by helping those that bring history to life – the modellers.

Scale-Model-Aircraft.com is an encyclopaedical attempt that tries to put in one place plans, drawings, blueprints and photographs, most of them already published on the Internet, along with other various information for the most famous aircraft, no matter by who, where, when and why they were created.

We hope you will find here what you need to build your beautiful scale model aircraft, or else, we are happy to read your suggestions.


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