About us

Welcome to Scale-Model-Aircraft.com, an educational website born out of pure love for the aircraft that made history and the people who made the ancient and mythical dream of flying possible.

Our mission is to pay tribute to the men who built these technological miracles – the flying machines we all adore – and to those who courageously piloted them. We believe that the best way to honor their work and preserve their legacy is by supporting those who bring history to life – the modelers.

Scale-Model-Aircraft.com is your ultimate destination for everything related to scale model aircraft, catering to hobbyists of all levels with high-quality information, comprehensive guides, and unbiased reviews. Our encyclopedic approach aims to compile plans, drawings, blueprints, and photographs, most of which are already published on the Internet, alongside various other information for the most iconic aircraft, regardless of their creator, origin, time, or purpose.

Our offerings include:

  1. Educational Resources: We provide an extensive collection of materials to help you build accurate and beautiful scale model aircraft, including plans, drawings, blueprints, and photographs, as well as historical and technical information.
  2. Comprehensive Guides: Our in-depth guides cover every aspect of scale model aircraft building, from selecting the right kit to mastering advanced painting and detailing techniques.
  3. Unbiased Reviews: Our thorough and impartial reviews of the latest kits, accessories, and tools will help you make informed decisions, ensuring you invest in the best products for your needs.
  4. Expert Advice: Our team of skilled modelers and industry professionals share their wealth of knowledge and experience to help you excel in your hobby, troubleshoot common issues, and discover advanced techniques.
  5. Community Support: Scale-Model-Aircraft.com aims to foster a supportive and inclusive community of model aviation enthusiasts, encouraging hobbyists to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.
  6. Latest News and Trends: Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of scale model aviation, including product releases, industry news, and upcoming events.

We hope you find everything you need to create your stunning scale model aircraft on our website. If you have any suggestions, we would be delighted to hear from you. Join us in our pursuit of excellence, and together, let’s keep history alive through the captivating world of scale model aircraft.


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